Journey into Forbidden Waters

Though I have not
Been psychotic
For years

Though I currently
Am Employed
With a Job

Though my rationality
Has increased

Though my pocketbooks
Are more full

Though my mind
Has mended

Though I can almost pass
As “Normal”

Their are
Still scars from
When I was

Phantoms from my past.

I feel distant
And detached,

Not from Reality
As I once was,

But from people.

I have grown cold
And numb
To their presence

People feel
Foreign and
Far off in a distant land,

Where the normals

Doing normal things
With normal worries
And normal values.

Their patterns
Predictable and

Their experiences

When you have
Tread a
Different path

And charted off
Into forbidden

You see
Strange things,
Phantoms and

From unseen lands

And the demons
From these places
Have followed me home.

And though I
No longer
Believe in them

They have forever
Changed me
And still
My memories

Making me feel like
A stranger
In a foreign world
And giving me

From a real life
Horror Show,

That I have
Found impossible
To forget.

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