The Confessions of My Paranoia

By Dan Hoeweler

I am the one that follows you
I am the one that knows your thoughts
I am the one that you cannot hide from
I am the one with secret plots

I am the one who tapped your phone
I am the one who whispers in your ear
I am the one who you talk to
I am the one who brings you to tears

I am the one that made you a leper
I am the one that made you feared
I am the one that made you beg
I am the one who’s always near

Yours Forever,
Your Paranoia

One Reply to “The Confessions of My Paranoia”

  1. I write a poem in school a while back I’ve wanted to post somewhere and this seems to be a great place .. I’m a 21 year old male who suffered from borderline personality disorder and wrote a poem of my perspective on things. …

    Temptation, is just a form of our imagination, we see what we want to. Neglect, the things we wish not to protect. Do you see the world just like me or like the rest blinded by this simple test.
    Society, please do not try and hide from me, for I am your conscience. I will guide you to do your best, we are not like the rest we will strive to do our best.
    Mind and soul, how you feel so cold, not yet old. Hot amber on cold coal to reignite our body mind and soul.
    Flesh, just like the rest you’ve come to dry, no more tears to cry. But what are you just a shell, protecting us till the day we escape this cell.
    Remainder, what is left no soul, just body and flesh. We’ve finished our test, left our bodies to rest where our souls can be at ease and our hearts have done their best.
    So for those who can’t read Between the line, life is life you’re doing fine. We are all unique in our own little way all soon to go but all to meet one day.

    Kyle synette

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