Voices in the Night

By Dan Hoeweler

Voices, voices in the night
I hear you speaking
About my plight

“Going to have fun
My puppet my toy
As I steal your thoughts
As I play with your head
I’m eager to feed
As you lie in bed”

Voices please
Stay away
I don’t want trouble
This very day

“I am here
To play with your soul
As you listen to me
You are under my control
My voices come
From within
The device I implanted
Under your skin”

Voices, voices
Threatening me
I beg and plea
Let me be free

“An idea can begin
A deadly game
Of cat and mouse
That is insane
Think hard now
At the thought
In your head
Now run for your life
Or just be dead”

Voices, voices
Don’t unleash the beasts
That chase after me

“It’s too late my friend
They are after you
You’d better hurry
They know where you are
So run along
Or you won’t get far”

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