The Computer Virus in my Head

Information scrambled into irregular bits and bytes
Are being downloaded into my mind
Corrupting the input/output
Regulator that has given me
Balance throughout time
These corrupt data points
Are a source of angst for my
Central Processing Unit
A source of logic
That has gone mad
And is now creating
Dysfunctional data
Scrambled information
Malignant viruses
And corrupt logic
Inside my head

3 Replies to “The Computer Virus in my Head”

  1. Sir Dan,
    Your writing has helped me deal with the symptoms of my paranoid schizophrenia in so many ways. I am so thankful to you for writing out your thoughts and sharing them with the world. I am a schizophrenic writer also and have published several books on my expeirinces with my own psychosis and would like to hear your feedback on them. The first book I published is called ”Obscene Writes”” and is essentially a drug diary full of drawings, collages and writings I recorded under the influence of illegal drugs. The second book is titled “The Demons Typewriter” and is a collection of original writings of mine written by me on a few old manual typewriters while I thought I was in a state of possession while addicted to cocaine. The third book is titled “Scizophrenic Mind Purge” and is comprised of hand written journal entry’s. The third book is titled “Eidolon” and is comprised of more refined poetry and koans. These books are available for sale on but I would gladly mail you free copies for you to read if you would like. Thank you for changing my life for the better. Sincerely, your fan- Benjamin Clark Younker.

  2. As a paranoid schizophrenic I can absolutely relate to this poem. For the past year I feel as if my mind has been hacked. I am a schizophrenic writer also and would love your feedback on my books. Please look up Benjamin Clark Younker on I am so thankful I discovered your website. I am a huge fan and am extremely greateful that you have written out your thoughts. Your poetry has changed my life. Thank you sir Dan.

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