The Psychotic Madman Next Door

Welcome to the horror show
Come step up you freaks
And watch the psycho rant and rave
About crazy things in his crazy world
Watch, see, listen then
For your life

Is this psychotic lunatic freaking you out?
Perhaps you should call the police
And report the lunacy that you hear:
“A madman is on the loose
Writing poems
I am scared Officer.”

Probate me
Lock me up
People like me
Don’t deserve our freedom

Slash my tires
Rob my house
Vandalize my car
Then call me dangerous

What would you do
If we were neighbors?
Would you fear for your life?
Would I be the boogeyman next door?
Would you fear for your kin?

The media has brainwashed you
Into fearing me
So be scared
Be very, very afraid
While I do nothing
and more nothing

Torture yourself
Stay up at nights and
Keep the lights on
While I do nothing
And more nothing

Fear for your family
Fear for your wife
Fear for your safety
Fear for your life
While I do
Absolutely nothing

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  1. I ,too have Schizophrenia. I think your poetry is beautiful , and am very moved by it.

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