Poor but Proud

When you are broke
And disabled
It is hard to hang your
Hat on your income
So you find other things
You can be proud of

Singing an amusing
Karaoke song
To a drunken audience or

Reading your words and
Rhymes at
Open Mic or

Writing the occasional
Published work
At a coffee shop.

Things that require talent.
Things that are powerful.
Things that are free.

Low Calorie Rebirth

When you lose a
Hundred and Forty Pounds
And get a massive Hernia repaired
Because you
Are on a strict diet
And exercise 5-days a week
You start to notice
Amazing changes.You wake up feeling refreshed
And energized
Every day.You can climb stairs easier
And rarely feel
Out of breath.

You feel more confident, alert and

Your intense back pain turns into
A barely noticeable murmur.

You leave your house and
Socialize more.

You don’t need to worry about
Sitting down in a rickety chair.

Your scale no longer
Gets an error message.

You notice that people
Treat you better

You enjoy exercise and
Hard work.

Your blood pressure drops
And your heart stops

You notice muscles
In places that were once

You forget what Chocolate Cake
Tastes like
And you don’t care.

You get phone numbers at
Bars from people you just

You remember what it feels like
To kiss someone again.

You look in the mirror and
Barely recognize

You feel like an entirely new person
Where you are
Treated better
Feel better and
Breathe easier,

Made possible

And a few less