It’s February 2021 and
I just opened the newspaper
And read that damn near a
Third of the country is
Suffering from depression and
I haven’t had contact
With mental health services for
A while,
But I couldn’t help think
That all those budget cuts
To services have
Finally bit America in the
I wonder if all those Darwinist shrinks and
Case managers are still
Blaming their new clients illness on
Rather than the pandemic,
You know what they say about
Old habits…
I had a shrink tell me
Something of this nature
A while back,
That my genetic makeup
I still think about that
Guy every
Now and then,
I picture him now
Hunkered away
With piles of money and
Too chickenshit to
Leave his house.
Brings a smile
To my face
What good is
All that money when
You can’t enjoy it…

Breaking Free

When I worked at a
Mental Health facility
As a Recovery Specialist
I couldn’t help but notice how
Sane some of the intakes

I don’t think a lot of them realized
How “crazy” your average asshole
On the street is.

I meet people everyday
More inept
Than half the people at that

Some of them belonged there
But others would have done
Better elsewhere.

I left years ago
And it’s been mostly
Smiles ever since.

The Selfish Poet

I am no MLK or Gandhi
Or leader or saint.

I am no model of
Chivalry or virtue,

And I am definitely
Not a therapist
Or harbinger of

For me is a
Selfish endeavor.

I do it because I
Love it
And because
I am addicted to it.

If my words have brought
You comfort or hope
Then I am happy for you…
But I do it
For myself.

I am in love with
The attention
The fame
The adoration
The power of persuasion
The power of expression
The power of manipulation

If you are looking for
Moral leadership
Then you best look

But be wary
Most of the self described
“Do-Gooders” and “Saints”
I’ve met
Are actually wolves in
Sheep’s clothing

Roll the Dice

I’m sitting in a crowded coffee shop
Filled with college students
Who don’t give a damn
About this pandemic
And I can almost touch the Covid
In the air.

After a year of distancing and
Driving myself insane through
Self isolation I decided to
Live life again
Write poetry and

Let God decide
The rest.

Burning Calories, Drinking Smoothies

When you lose a
Hundred and Twenty pounds
You start to notice small
Changes in your life

Winks and smiles
That weren’t there before
From pretty gals who never
Knew you existed.

People start to notice who
The hell you are
When you walk in the

And that you
Aren’t just some
Large mass
Occupying an empty space,

That you are an
Actual person.

Then you realize that
All the Quest Bars and
Low Calorie Smoothies,

And all the long Trails
That you hiked on
Mile after mile

Where worth
Every damn minute.