The Delivery Man

People never really thought highly
Of the delivery man until
Covid rolled around and made
Everyone afraid to
Leave their home.

Now I get Emoji’s of appreciation
On my phone from customers
And blown kisses from
Pretty gals
On overhead balconies.

Even with a deadly virus
Roaming about people still
Want their KFC
White Castles, Taco Bell and

So I deliver their cravings to them
In my Red Toyota
Absolving their risk
Of infection
While filling my pocketbooks
With money,

And stealing a few
Hearts along the way.


I tried working
At different companies
For years and since then
I’ve been fired what seems to be
A million times.

I used to think I was
Unproductive and meek,

Until I realized that some of these
Large companies are very
Slick and stealthy in their
Methods of

I broke the cycle
By working for myself
And now make
A decent and fair wage
Based upon what I produce,

And not on what
The corporate dogs

The Leader

There are many people
Out there who are perfectly alright
Treating others horribly
And making the world a
Worse place.

Some of them end up
Common criminals while the
More clever ones end up as
CEOs or politicians.

From their perspective
Kindness is a weakness,
And being a bully
Is a way of life.

When such people
Reach leadership positions
It is astounding
How many seemingly
Rational people will
Readily follow
Their leader
Into the meat grinder.


When you vote for someone who
Doesn’t believe in the democratic system
And is a self serving narcissist,

This is what you get.

Innocent Bystanders

I drove downtown
During my delivery job today
And realized that some of the
Local coffee shops and bars
That I frequent had been
Vandalized or looted.

I was saddened to see
The destruction,
Of these once happy

They have been caught
In the crossfire
Of an ongoing political
Battle for the soul
Of America.