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Welcome to the website of author and poet Daniel Hoeweler.  My writing focuses on mental health recovery, technology, mass surveillance, artificial intelligence, the psychotic experience and more.  I have been published in numerous magazines, books and newspapers and am currently a member of the National Writers Union.   

Many of my earlier writings are influenced by the physical and mental disabilities that I suffer from.  My medical history is complex and throughout my lifetime I’ve received various diagnosis including Schizoaffective Disorder, Manic Depression with psychosis and a severe sleep disorder.   The three primary characteristics of my illness are sleep deprivation, psychosis and emotional instability.  The unusual set of symptoms I experience make my diagnosis somewhat ambiguous.  I treat  my illness with medication, sleep therapy, diet and exercise which has allowed me to function at a reasonable level.

Currently I’ve focused my writing about the potential negative consequences of technology including unrestricted advances in artificial intelligence, mass surveillance and automation.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Boston University.

If you have any questions/comments please email me at: dhoeweler@gmail.com

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