Meet Robot Big Brother

Robot Big Brother is at a factory-near-you

With it’s watchful eye of
Camera arrays hooked into
Processors that measure
Every-Damn-Thing-That-You-DoMeasuring every nanosecond that it takes
To package that item
To lift that box
To unload that truck
To reload that truck

All for profit
All for productivity
All for prosperity.

One day Robot Big Brother
Will replace humans
With it’s Robot Pals
Freeing us from the factories

So we can live among
the trees
the stars
the ocean
the mountains and
Be free

Future Warriors

With the next iteration of modern warfare comes the realization
That the battle field has changed;

Kamikaze drone swarms will now annihilate
Infantry, tanks, buildings and barracks
From remotely controlled sources

Artillery can be guided by satellite
To strike with pinpoint accuracy
From a hundred miles away.

Infantry will soon be mechanized
And integrated with sophisticated
Artificial Intelligence

Making previous weaponry obsolete
And ensuring that the the worlds
Most coveted soldiers will be
Geeks with pocket-protectors