The FBI Agent

Sometimes I question
If the man in front of me
Works for the FBI

Underneath the Antipsychotics
And sleep therapy
I still ask the question

“Am I being followed”?

The same man seems to
Again and again
At the same coffee shop
At the same time of day
Nearly every time I’m there.

Sometimes I see him wear a
“Blue Lives Matter” shirt

He appears hard at work
On his laptop
Where I imagine him
Tracking and analyzing

Questions roll
Across my mind and I ask
“How does he follow me?”

And I look down at my
Cellphone knowing that he
Has access to my GPS
Location data.

He sits across me in
An unsuspecting manner
Prying, spying and

My poems have potentially
Triggered the psychotic episodes of
Many unstable readers.

He is looking for dirt.

It could be that way
Not definitely
But possibly

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