The Demon

By Dan Hoeweler

Who is that man
That I see
Who is that man
That watches me

You look suspicious
And very strange
Stop staring at me
As if your deranged

I look at you
You glare me
I begin to see
Your murderous spree

I’m onto you
I see your hate
As you walk towards me
I stand and wait

I see your eyes
They are red
Demon of Lucifer
You want me dead

An angelic voice
Speaks to me
From a place
I can not see
“There is no mercy
There is only hate
For you my friend
This is your fate.”






2 Replies to “The Demon”

  1. hello
    i was wondering if i would be able to use this poem-my psychiatrist also the demon- in my drama performance for my GCSE’s, as i am portraying someone with schizophrenia, i will be able to credit you in my write up of the performance so please write back soon

    thank you

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