The Game

By Dan Hoeweler

Here in my game
Mathematics and physics don’t apply
I have new rules and built a new game
That only I can understand

I follow them carefully and make them
As I travel through life
And create them for certain situations
Where they shouldn’t be applied

This is the game
That I make everyday
I play it carefully
In my own way

I wish you would follow
The rules that I make
But you play your own game
In your own way

The rules that you make
Are played by others
You are not free
As you believe

The game I play is better than most
For I am free to make my own rules
Bending time and space
And everything that others consider as fact

I can create and make anything from nothing
I am a false God
In a false world
Creating rules creating things

The game of life
Which everyone plays
Has rules that few can break

Rules rules
Can make you a tool
But it’s easier to follow than to lead
Making things and creating things
Can be a dangerous thing