Love Is For Everyone

Being “crazy”
Doesn’t mean you
Can’t get laid or have
A romantic relationship
Every now and then.

There there are
Prospective partners who
Will treat you poorly for
Having a mental illness,

But there are also
A surprising number of people
Who really don’t seem
To care at all.

Don’t let the bad ones
Stop you from having
A little fun.


I saw the movie “Joker” the other day
And couldn’t help but think that
Arthur Fleck and I share
Some commonalities.

We’ve both been kicked around
And have held false beliefs
About women
And relationships.

We also have a
Common distaste for
Society and humanity
And can behave in
Bizarre and strange ways.

We understand what its like
To be disregarded
By the mental health system
And aspire to become great artists.

The difference
Between us is that Arthur Fleck
Broke at some point and
Turned into The Joker,
A man who lost his humanity
And committed monstrous

It’s a metamorphosis that
I never underwent,
But one that
I understand.

People look at
The mentally ill
Who have committed
Atrocious acts on
TV and wonder why.

I see the same horror
In these acts
And understand

Unfiltered Glasses

I have a great office view
As a delivery man
From the front seat of my car
Where I get to watch the world burn
And get entertainment from the
Car wrecks and opioid addicts
That wander the streets.

I love the unforgettable moments of
Watching houses on fire
And homeless beggars
And drugged up junkies
Doing tricks for money
As I go about my job,

I like things raw and dirty
Like that
And watching the rot and decay
In society
Is one of the few perks that
I get from my job.

You can’t get that perspective
From an office job
Where where all the rot is
Removed and sanitized.

Instead of watching an edited world
I get to watch the world as it
Was meant to be seen
From the ground level
With all its grime, filth
And dirty little secrets.

Make Cincinnati Great Again

I currently reside in Cincinnati
And there is this strange
Among the population
That this city is
Family friendly
Normal and

This city needs a

I mean look at the celebrities that
Cincinnati has produced:

Charles Manson
Jerry Springer
Larry Flynt
John Hicks

This city is a freak fest
Filled with Serial Murderers
Cult leaders, Porn Peddlers and
Prime time slug show hosts.

And I love it.

Instead of trying to
Lie to ourselves
Why not embrace the insanity
Of this city.

Personally I think we should
Legalize Weed,
And prostitution
And change our name to
Freakus Maximus
So we can
Compete with Las Vegas as the
Freakiest and most decadent city
On the planet.