Thought Manipulators


Thought Manipulators
Thought Controllers
Thought Deceivers
And Thought Receivers

My thoughts are not yours
To steal
My memories are not yours
To erase
My existence is not yours
To terrorize
My beliefs are not yours
To control
I am free
To think and choose
Don’t come near me
I am not yours

One Reply to “Thought Manipulators”

  1. I found these lines thought provoking !!
    Casual about being fearful of ppl whom
    somehow threaten our most inner secretive
    Mind ..
    Delicate !! almost watching somehow through
    a transparency membrane which shouldnot
    Reveal the things which are going on in there.
    Deliberate !! as the lines intimidate one into
    Believe the possibility of mind intrusion
    But also hard to accept as poetry because
    The ideal essence of escapism is not in content
    Never the less I suppose I enjoyed the look in

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