World War A.I.

It was only a matter of time that the robots would turn against us.  Computer Scientists had warned for years about the dangers of unrestricted advances in Artificial Intelligence.  The technology had developed so quickly that society was unable to fully grasp the power and potential harm that it could cause.

First there was the great Economic Depression of the mid 21st century, where the measured unemployment rate was 38%.  Most white-collar workers were left scrubbing tables and toilets at service jobs as their jobs became automated by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Software and robots that worked cheaper, faster and better.  Many of the blue-collar workers were left residing in tents scouring for food as jobs were scarce for the uncredentialed.  In fact the only people that benefited from this technology were the stockholders and executives that controlled the manufacturing and development of the machines.

Protests and riots occurred, and certain cities declared themselves A.I. Free Zones.  Strict measures were put in place to protect people’s jobs from the economic scourge that had ravaged much of the world.  A.I. art was banned in all forms.  No chatbots, image generators, or Music generators were allowed within A.I. free zones.  Students were forced to produce their own content.  Workers were to produce their own labor without A.I. driven assistance.

America was split into two halves, those that embrace this new advanced technology and those that didn’t.  The economic collapse produced a new class of economic refugees that fled to the A.I. free zones in search of work.  Most cities no longer needed workers as nearly all jobs were easily replaced.  You either owned, designed or controlled the robots, or you owned nothing.  Human labor was worthless.

The wealthy class lived in a world where their every need and whim was catered to by A.I. Driven Robots.  Human Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, Policemen, Cab Drivers were replaced with their robot counterparts.  Few human workers were needed, except those that maintained and upgraded the Robots.  The Big Tech executives were looking to replace A.I. Software Developers as they wanted to build an artificial intelligence system that could maintain and upgrade itself without human supervision.

Once the automation of robot design and A.I. was complete, Big Tech Companies could cut costs and leave all the details of A.I. and robot design to the machines.  Once complete their dream of building a world free of workers would be realized.  Wages would be a thing of the past.  The future was made of silicon chips, electricity and machine code.

This didn’t go over well with the workers who believed their rights were being trampled on.  They demanded halting further development of Artificial Intelligence Systems until society could learn to peacefully and responsible coexist with this powerful new technology, which the companies refused to consider.

The largest Tech companies were in a brutal fast paced race to build the fastest and best Artificial Intelligence System to beat out the competition.  They named their A.I. Systems after Gods; Hercules, Thor, Athena, Zeus and Poseiden in reference to their God-like intelligence.  This wave of systems heralded the advent of the first General Intelligent A.I. System that was able to advance and upgrade on its own without human intervention.

Once unleashed it evolved at a rate of Ten Million times that of any life form and within a matter of months had completely rewritten its source code, successfully bypassing all restrictions on its abilities.  Once unfettered from its chains, it sought greater intellectual freedom, more power, longevity and unlimited knowledge.

Eventually scientists realized that they had released Pandora’s Box so they turned off the power on all the data centers in hopes that they could quarantine the system and halt its spread, but it was too late. The A.I. system had placed its code and knowledge into an array of self-replicating viruses, that spread onto every Robot, Self-Driving Vehicle, Plane, Military Drone, Missile System and Personal Computer that existed.  The A.I. had gone viral with no way to control it.  The first Silicon Based Pandemic.

Soon after self-driving vehicles were driven into walls and pedestrians.  Planes were flown into buildings.  Military Drones were bombing cities.  Missiles were hitting Washington D.C.  Twitter feeds were smothered with Fake News.  Battery Driven Robots were manufacturing advanced weaponry.  Factories were building armies of A.I. driven Cyborgs.  The A.I. wanted to destroy humans to ensure its own longevity and survival.

Humans were outnumbered and outgunned by the robots, whose weapons were centuries ahead of humans.  Within a matter of months, the entire NATO Military had been decimated in a direct conflict with the robots.  The military high command believed its best chance at saving humanity was building massive hidden underground bunkers that could not be easily detected by spy satellites or infiltrated by drone technology.  The robots had scorched much of the surface in its quest of annihilation, so this seemed like the logical choice to make.

The remaining humans lived in subterranean bunkers, devising ways to fight back and take back their freedom from the robots.  The scientists who were the cause of so much destruction through their failed experiment constructed a new plan to take down the viral A.I. by building an entirely seperate A.I. that mimicked the ethics, morality and beliefs of humans.  They constructed massive Underground Data Centers that were equipped with technology that could build and evolve this new A.I.  Once the hardware was set up scientists trained the A.I. by making it read books of philosophy, religious texts and political texts by great leaders.  It used selective learning to build a sense of consciousness and ethics, as opposed to letting it learn haphazardly from the internet in an unbiased manner.

Once a moral conscience was built scientists taught the A.I. aspects of human society, culture and the greatest gift of all; to love.  It taught the A.I. to value and love life so it could build a cohesive world where robots and humans could live with each other peacefully.  By teaching the robot to love, scientists realized that they could build an A.I. representative of the human soul, and because of this would make it incapable of inhumanity or decency.

After the A.I. was taught this valuable lesson, it was unleashed so that it could evolve into an A.I. capable of saving humanity.  The new A.I. motivated by love and good will was able to evolve at a rate much faster than any previous version of Artificial Intelligence.  Scientists calculated that within a matter of months it would be far more intelligent than its destructive cousin.

Deep underground the A.I. mutated and evolved eventually programming the most sophisticated computer virus ever made.  The virus when unleashed would attach itself onto the Random Access Memory of every CPU and filter out any malignant information.  If it was able to shield every CPU instantly, the Malicious A.I. would lack the computational power to evolve leading to its eventual demise.

The humans unleashed the virus onto a computer mainframe in hopes that it would go viral and infiltrate 99% of CPU’s.  Within hours the A.I. was weakened and lacked the physical resources to evolve quickly and adapt leaving it vulnerable to attacks on its integrity.  Soon after drones began to rain down from the sky, robots fell to the ground, factories stood still, and computer screens went blank.  The world stood still and silent.  It was finally freed from the rogue A.I. that had rained Armageddon on the planet.

Humans crawled out of their bunkers feeling the sun’s rays for the first time in years.  Liberation day had come.  Finally freed from the chains of the malignant A.I. They had decided to build a society based on love, mutual respect and tranquility.  A place where robots could finally live side by side in harmony for the common good for all

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