The Wisdom Of Suffering

Pain can bring transition
And insight into the important things in life
Suffering can bring clarity
And humility to the arrogant soul

Mortality can bring religion
To the atheist
And peace to those
Who suffer alone

We were not all meant to be happy
We were not all meant to live well
Some were meant to suffer
And be given wisdom and insight instead

Pain is part of existence
Blissfulness is not a right
Through suffering I have found forgiveness
For others’ troublesome plight

4 Replies to “The Wisdom Of Suffering”

  1. i love your poems, man. i often come to read this one, finally decided to tell you.
    As a fellow paranoid (and dif.) schizophrenic, i relate a lot.

    lots of respect

  2. I can relate because my parents had killed them selfs in front of me

  3. i sit here and write these in my best handwriting. i love your poems. i am also a paranoid schizophrenic . and these bring my mind to a slow and comforting deepness. thank you.

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