The CIA is After Me

This is no joke my friend
Don’t laugh at me now
The CIA is after me
And I need a way out

They follow me daily
And know my routine
They like to take pictures
When I walk down the street

I wear a tinfoil hat
While I fall asleep
So their thought rays won’t intrude
My beautiful dreams

Go ahead and laugh
It may be funny you think
But they are spying on me with cameras
Inside my bathroom sink

I have thought chips in my head
And electronic gadgets under my skin
They know everything
It’s impossible to win.

Ignorance is bliss
And I know the truth
That the CIA is after me
And will soon be after

2 Replies to “The CIA is After Me”

  1. I hear you there
    Me too, I think
    Other than the tinfoil hat
    And cameras in the bathroom sink

    They are petreaus and Barack
    George w Bush and the Clinton’s
    Watching me shower
    Getting hardons I think

    They threaten my family
    They threaten my mind
    How did I ever run into
    People of this kind

    I know they are real
    I know they are Mad
    They may have even
    Put one in my dad

    Their methods are ruthless
    Their accusations truthless
    They won’t let me leave
    Or have any reprieve

    One day they’ll get me
    Counting the hours
    Sacrilegious this abuse of powers

    I am a poet
    The CIA found me
    Now day and night
    They do little but hound me

  2. I think they do its hard to prove depends who you are what you do so depends how influent you are

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