The Fall

Steve Jobs
Dreamed up the I-Phone
And changed the world more
Than Reagan or Obama
Ever did.

Now telephone booths are antiques.

Bill Gates
Built Windows OS and changed
The American workforce

Now the factories are empty shells.

Jeff Bezos
Designed Amazon and altered the
Shopping experience

Now shopping malls are demolition projects

The average American spends
7 hours a day on the internet

The average American exercises
Less than 20 minutes a day

The average American spends 150 minutes
A day on social media

Making Us a country of addicts
Hooked on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
Hooked on McDonald’s Big Macs and White Castle Sliders
Hooked on our computer screens

Fat and obese with

We burn churches, factories and sell our bodies
To KFC and our minds to Meta and Google
.We get our sex through Pornhub and our love through Tinder Chats
We plagiarize our homework from ChatGPT prompts and
Replace our Writers and poets with Soulless A.I.
We sell our humanity to Tech companies
That promise us large paychecks if we
Dedicate our lives to computer screens
When we should be asking ourselves
Where we are headed and
If the next corner we turn
Will lead us off a cliff.

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