Future Imposter

The year is 2026
And someone cloned
Elon Musk’s voice
Using the latest

And Mr Musk’s voice is
Making robocalls
Across the land;

“Tesla Vehicles are death traps”

“SpaceX is a Hollywood Production”

“Buy Ford instead”

Causing Mr Musk
Much despair

The year is 2027
And someone cloned
Your mother’s voice

And she is asking you for
$1000 dollars fast cash
For an unspecified emergency

To an unspecified
Bitcoin wallet.

The year is 2028
And someone cloned
Joe Biden’s voice

And Every Democrat in every
Swing State
Receives a call
from Mr Biden’s imposter
Begging them to please

“Vote for Trump”

THe year is 2029
And your coworker cloned
Your voice

And called your boss
To tell him that you

In the near future
Our senses will Deceive us
Our thoughts will betray us and
Our eyes till Dissuade us

Until our reality becomes
A tale of fiction.

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