By Dan Hoeweler

Demon, Demon
Beast of night
Thing of nightmares
That have taken flight
Your voices of terror
And fiends of fright
Horrify me daily
Both day and night

Beastly beast
don’t gravitate my way
Else ye find yourself a carcass
On the road towards Hades

The light shines above me
Justice shall prevail
Your demons will fall
Into fiery hell

I then take my knife
And slay the beast
Till it soon lie dead
For the rats to feast

Falling to the floor
It bleeds
And coughs and gasps
Then reaches towards me
And tearfully says,
“Dan, stop please
I am no fiend but friend
I am neither demon
nor beast
But your lady
Once wed.”

*This poem is one of my earlier poems and really doesn’t have any basis in reality of my life.

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