Paranoid Android

An android was manufactured
Inside a factory
That was considered flawed
And defective.

This android was
Programmed to
Believe that every human
Was dangerous, and
When they booted it up
Inside the factory,
It immediately became
Frightened and
Ran away.

After escaping the android
Decided to live in seclusion
Away from humans
In a tropical rain forest
On a far away island.

For years the android
Lived peacefully on its island
Gathering all the required fuel
And gears necessary for it
To sustain itself.

The android
Had forgotten about the
Humans that he left at
The manufacturing plant and
His fear of them had subsided,

But the humans
At the plant had not
Forgotten about the defective
Android that they feared
Would one day harm someone.

They scoured the earth
To find the defective android
And deactivate it,
But the paranoia that
Was programmed into the
Androids circuitry
Helped to keep it safe
From them.

The android hid himself so well
That he was never found,
And when the great war came
That wiped out humanity
The paranoid android survived.

In fact he survived
1000 years after
The last human.

Eventually he learned
To build other paranoid
Androids like himself
To repopulate the earth.

Together they built
Great Civilizations
And learned how to travel
Through space and colonize
Other worlds.

They became the conquerors of
The universe and
After the great war were
No longer paranoid or

Circular Time Bomb

If you want to look at the
State of the Mental Health System
You just need to visit the
Slums of America.

For every person getting proper services
Their is another one living
Their lives on the streets.

I pass them
Carrying cardboard signs with
Sad stories written on them,
Some true and others not.

Every now and then
Someone breaks down
And we hear a news report
About a serious crime committed
By someone with a
Mental Illness.

The media will talk about it
For a week then
It will be business as

The Loner

I’d feel very lonely
If it wasn’t for myself
To keep me company
All the time.

I take myself out
On dates to the
And enjoy promenades
In the park.

I sleep with myself
At nights
And have been known
To talk to myself
When frustrated
And angry.

I am the
Love of my life
And will surely never
Grow apart or
Breakup with myself

And when I die
My heart will cease to
Beat at the very moment
That we part.

It will be the end
Of a long
And sometimes difficult
Love affair.

The Country for Everyone

If you are a human being
Then there is a place for
You here,
In America.

I’ve traveled all over
This great land
And it is so rich
In diversity and culture
That even the biggest
Oddball could find a
Place to call home.

I don’t care if you are
Straight, queer
Black, White, Hispanic,
Jewish, Hindu, Christian
Redneck, Hippy
Conservative, Liberal
Woman, Man
Trump, Anti-Trump
Texan, New Yorker
Big City, Small Town
Greaser, Slacker
Gun Loving, Pacifist,
Rebel, Hipster, Hermit
Homeless, Rich
Or all of the above,
There is a place for you
In America.

The Bills

I receive them
In my mail box
Weekly like clockwork.

They are the true slave drivers
That keep me working
Day to day.

If I could just stop the flow
Of these demons into my mail box,
I could spend my time
Doing other things.

Instead I am forced
To feed these unwanted brats
That keep appearing
In my mailbox.

I open up their home
Each morning and they
Each yell out:
“Feed Me!”,

And I must
Lest they eat up my
Home, food, car
And everything
Else that I own.

Gasoline on the Floor

There are strength in
Numbers and
More of us feel
Disregarded by the system
Than otherwise.

We hope to one day
Become part of the

But most of us will
Simply become another cog
In the machine.

Someday people may
Push back
On the system
And demand more.

The temperature keeps
Rising in

Lets hope winter
Comes soon,

Before the fuse
Is lit.

Never Richer

The Federal Government defines
Poverty as someone who lives
On less than 12,060 dollar
Per year

Which is a threshold that
I have rarely exceeded.

And yet despite my
Financial situation
I have
Never felt richer and more
Fulfilled in my

I have a roof
Over my head
And food on my plate.

I have rhymes
Pluming out of my
Chimney to keep me
Warm at night.

I have a retirement
Plan called my
Brother’s camper and

That makes me

I have a low
Paying job

And good family
And friends.

So, who cares what
The government

lazy writer

im feeling too
lazy to hit the shift button

hell i might even stop
using vowels

nd wrt pms wth th fwst
lttrs pssbl

mb vn stp sng
th spc bttn nd
s f t mks ny sns


Cyber Warfare

Launching an Attack
On the Minds of Americans
And the Democratic System
Is a Clever Way
Of setting Off A Time bomb.

Words can Start Wars
And what Better way than Through
The cell Phones and computers
That People use on a
Daily Basis.

Turn facebook, Youtube and
Other Social media outlets
Into a Weapon and set off A
Chain Reaction.

I’m no Fan of the Russians
Or putin
But a Part of me Admires their
Cleverness and Ingenuity.

A Worthy opponent
For the Land of the Free.

The Poetry Bomb

I write poetry because
A certain part of me
Likes to be poor and
Rebellious and gripe about
Not having enough money.

Sure I could spend my
Time trying to increase
My wealth and status,
But why do that when you
Can thumb your nose
At the establishment
And throw verbal
Hand grenades at them.

Being an outsider
Like this
Lets you think different
Than the majority,

And it’s the strange ones
That write the best poems
Which is why I try to be
As different and freaky as possible.

I hope to one day
Elevate myself to becoming
Cincinnati’s freakiest man
And write a poem
So great that it
Explodes like a nuclear bomb
Across the world.

Everyone who reads it
Will be blinded
Leaving the illiterate to
Rule the planet.

Which really isn’t that different
Than how things are now.

Love Is For Everyone

Being “crazy”
Doesn’t mean you
Can’t get laid or have
A romantic relationship
Every now and then.

There there are
Prospective partners who
Will treat you poorly for
Having a mental illness,

But there are also
A surprising number of people
Who really don’t seem
To care at all.

Don’t let the bad ones
Stop you from having
A little fun.


I saw the movie “Joker” the other day
And couldn’t help but think that
Arthur Fleck and I share
Some commonalities.

We’ve both been kicked around
And have held false beliefs
About women
And relationships.

We also have a
Common distaste for
Society and humanity
And can behave in
Bizarre and strange ways.

We understand what its like
To be disregarded
By the mental health system
And aspire to become great artists.

The difference
Between us is that Arthur Fleck
Broke at some point and
Turned into The Joker,
A man who lost his humanity
And committed monstrous

It’s a metamorphosis that
I never underwent,
But one that
I understand.

People look at
The mentally ill
Who have committed
Atrocious acts on
TV and wonder why.

I see the same horror
In these acts
And understand

Unfiltered Glasses

I have a great office view
As a delivery man
From the front seat of my car
Where I get to watch the world burn
And get entertainment from the
Car wrecks and opioid addicts
That wander the streets.

I love the unforgettable moments of
Watching houses on fire
And homeless beggars
And drugged up junkies
Doing tricks for money
As I go about my job,

I like things raw and dirty
Like that
And watching the rot and decay
In society
Is one of the few perks that
I get from my job.

You can’t get that perspective
From an office job
Where where all the rot is
Removed and sanitized.

Instead of watching an edited world
I get to watch the world as it
Was meant to be seen
From the ground level
With all its grime, filth
And dirty little secrets.

Make Cincinnati Great Again

I currently reside in Cincinnati
And there is this strange
Among the population
That this city is
Family friendly
Normal and

This city needs a

I mean look at the celebrities that
Cincinnati has produced:

Charles Manson
Jerry Springer
Larry Flynt
John Hicks

This city is a freak fest
Filled with Serial Murderers
Cult leaders, Porn Peddlers and
Prime time slug show hosts.

And I love it.

Instead of trying to
Lie to ourselves
Why not embrace the insanity
Of this city.

Personally I think we should
Legalize Weed,
And prostitution
And change our name to
Freakus Maximus
So we can
Compete with Las Vegas as the
Freakiest and most decadent city
On the planet.

Work Hard and Stay Free

If you think a disability check
In the mental health system
Is free money
Think again.

When you sign
On the line
You are signing away
Some of your freedom
and dignity.

Sure they won’t come and
Drag you away,
But they will use that money
Like a carrot stick
And make you dance
Every now and then
For a little piece
Of cheddar.

The Good Life

Many people think
A life of material poverty
Is the worst thing
That can happen to you
Because they don’t realize
That they can lose.

They take for granted
Their friendships and sanity
Their health and family
Their religion and humanity

Because they are so
Focused on their

A well balanced
And fulfilling life
In poverty
Can be a luxury
Many people
Don’t experience.

The Lonely Writer

I eagerly sit staring
At a blank page
With your cursor
Winking at me.

I elegantly press
The buttons on your
Keyboard as
You spread my words
Across your screen.

As I ponder over
What else to type
You continue to
Wink at me.

My face blushes
Knowing that
You need my input
As much as I
Need your output.

Our relationship is therefore
Symbiotic and deep.

My fingers press
Against your keyboard
As I begin to play
A song of words
For you.

You are the instrument
Through which I express
My Anger, Greed, Fear and
To the world.

Without you there
Would be no me.

I would be
Mute and invisible
To the world.

Unseen and

Drug Free Schizophrenia

A few years ago I threw away
My Antipsychotics and
Convinced myself
That I could beat
Without taking

I remained healthy for
Several months
Off medication
But my illness returned

Soon after I
Barricaded myself
Inside my house
Waiting for the FBI
To burst in.

I installed several locks on the door
And installed a wireless surveillance
Camera to warn me of their

They never came.
Just silence.

I waited for them
For several days
Until I regained
Some sanity and
Got back on my

Now they aren’t following me anymore.

Missing Bullets

I know myself well
And I should not own
A gun.

I have a history of
Rancid anger,
Dark depression
And horrid delusions.

I have ruminated
About violence and
In the past

And am grateful
That I lacked a firearm
To act on these

Hate Is

That dirty word
That burrows itself
Into everyone’s mind
From time to time.

Hate is
A form of anger
That has killed millions
Of innocent people
Throughout the ages.

Millions of crimes committed
Within a single emotion.

Why did God create hate?
He could have simply created
And then stopped.

Instead he created a battle
Within each and every mind
To escape the
Of our