I saw the movie “Joker” the other day
And couldn’t help but think that
Arthur Fleck and I share
Some commonalities.

We’ve both been kicked around
And have held false beliefs
About women
And relationships.

We also have a
Common distaste for
Society and humanity
And can behave in
Bizarre and strange ways.

We understand what its like
To be disregarded
By the mental health system
And aspire to become great artists.

The difference
Between us is that Arthur Fleck
Broke at some point and
Turned into The Joker,
A man who lost his humanity
And committed monstrous

It’s a metamorphosis that
I never underwent,
But one that
I understand.

People look at
The mentally ill
Who have committed
Atrocious acts on
TV and wonder why.

I see the same horror
In these acts
And understand