What is Schizophrenia Poetry?

By Dan Hoeweler

Schizophrenia Poetry is an emerging form of poetry that captures the essence of what it means to suffer from Schizophrenia and related disorders.  This particular mental disorder is considered particularly difficult for family and caretakers to understand.  One way to capture the experience of Schizophrenia is in the form of poetry, which can help describe taboo subjects often shunned by society at large.

The themes of Schizophrenia poetry are varied and often include homelessness, delusions, treatment, voices and stigma.    This poetry is an effective way for sufferers to “reach out” and describe their difficult and often misunderstood condition.   It is also useful to readers who are trying to understand what the world is like for someone who suffers from Schizophrenia, and their unique perspective and worldview.