Though I currently live a ordinary life in many respects, my past is littered with delusions, hallucinations and homelessness.  It is only through the help of many that I have come to heal myself from the malaise called Schizophrenia.  I have been labeled a fraud by some, but I assure you that I have spent significant time under the spell of psychosis and understand its intricacies.

I have no clinical or medical background in psychology, so I am unfit to give out medical advice to you.  For this reason, it is better that you do not ask.  This website was setup primarily to confront my jagged past and use prose and stories to retell some of the pain and torment I and many others have gone through.  It is also a useful reference for people who better wish to understand the inner workings of the psychotic mind, and find this disease difficult to understand.

Schizophrenia is a terrifying illness and millions suffer greatly because of it.  It is a disease which destroys lives and causes immeasurable suffering to victims and families.  I am not here to deny that fact. The primary purpose of my blog “creative schizophrenia” and “Schizophrenic Writer” is to use this illness as a form of artistic expression that has never been done previously rather than to have a recovery session with the victims and families of this illness.