The World Beyond

So I sit here
Alone in the dark
Seeing things
That are apart
From reality and space
Thinking of
A deadly place
I hope you see
The things I do
Then you will finally
Have a clue
About myself
And the
The things
Without a name

I exist
In a far off place
People and places
Beyond our realm
Neither known
Nor fathomed
Except in hell
My senses are heightened
My hearing in tune
My imagination
Is beyond
Mortals like you

Logic dictates
Certain facts
Reason tells mankind
Don’t think that
So many Ideas
That I have been denied
I have escaped
I don’t know how
Now I exist
In metaphysical thought
The place beyond
Where thought becomes all

The universe is infinite
And so am I
Come to
The church of truth
Which Is now
Open for all
Meet me there
And you will see
There is no madness
Only blindness

You may not believe
But I will show you how
By guiding you through
To the other side
You will see
This world of other
And know
That you have always been blind

Then you will be called
A loony
A madman
A wacko
But at last know
The reality
That the world
We live in
Is mostly unknown
For our senses
Deny us the truth
That we
Are never

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