Crazy Sheep

By Dan Hoeweler

Crazy Sheep, Crazy Sheep, have you lost your way?

I am not lost,
just living my own life,
In a different kinda style,
Of which others might think twice.

Crazy Sheep, Crazy Sheep, on which planet are you now?

Living in a different world,
Of which others cannot see,
Where I am a sane person,
And thinking rationally.

Crazy Sheep, Crazy Sheep, why don’t you shape up?

I like to do and see,
Things that others don’t.
So there is nothing wrong with me,
Stop it and please hush, hush.

Crazy Sheep, Crazy Sheep, have you gone insane?

Please don’t call me names,
It is not very nice,
or this may get real ugly,
Don’t make me warn you thrice.

Crazy Sheep, Crazy Sheep your mind is a mess.

Ha, Ha you are so funny,
But I warn you please play nice,
I’m getting very angry,
You may soon pay a price.

Crazy Sheep, Crazy Sheep, How do you sleep at night,
Knowing that you are crazy,
And others flee from you in fright.

You may think it’s funny,
Pushing me around,
You had better be cautious,
Or you may not be found.

Crazy Sheep Crazy Sheep I’m laughing at you now,
Your mother is so ugly,
You hair is filled with lice,
Your father is in prison
Your house is filled with mice.

Crazy Sheep, Crazy Sheep, Stop kicking and biting me,
I only wanted to tease you,
Please let me flee.

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