Three Pizzas

I had a gun pointed at my head
While delivering pizzas
Ten years ago
By a thug
Who thought he was hard
And tough.

After he robbed me
He searched through my car
And left
A Maxim Magazine with his
Address on it.

He left his prints
All over the car and was
Too lazy to discard of
The Domino’s Pizza bag
That was later found
By the police.

The only thing he
Got during the robbery was
The free pizza I was
Carrying on me.

It was one of the most
Poorly executed robberies
In history.

He was sentenced to four years
Prison time
For all his trouble and

I was shook up over
The robbery
But not enough to stop me from
Delivering food and pizza
To the patrons of Cincinnati

I am still working
A food delivery job

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