The Definition of Recovery

I’ve heard a lot of
People claim that they
Have “recovered” from their
Mental Illness

Yet no one has explained
To me what
“Recovery” means,

So I came up with my own
Definition of Recovery
That you won’t find in
A psychiatry book.

Here it is:

“Recovery” means
Accepting who you are
And telling everyone
Who doesn’t like you
To fuck off.

“Recovery” means
Getting a shitty low
Paying job and
Applying a little
In life.

“Recovery” means
Staying off that screwed up
And dysfunctional dung heap
Called the “disability system”.

“Recovery” means
That you are still a little
On medication
But don’t give a damn.

“Recovery” means
Not pretending to be
And bragging about
Your sanity to other
More sane people.

“Recovery” means
Writing shitty poetry
About all the crazy shit
That you’ve seen and

“Recovery” means
Earning just enough money
To get by and
Not caring if you are living
In a dilapidated building.

“Recovery” means
That you haven’t driven
Everyone around you
Completely insane.

“Recovery” means
Doing something
Productive with your life
Even if it is
Something silly.

“Recovery” means
That you have that
“One Friend” who
Will put up with all
Your bullshit.

“Recovery” means
Never having to say
You are sorry,
For your insanity.

It looks like
I have finally


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