It’s February 2021 and
I just opened the newspaper
And read that damn near a
Third of the country is
Suffering from depression and
I haven’t had contact
With mental health services for
A while,
But I couldn’t help think
That all those budget cuts
To services have
Finally bit America in the
I wonder if all those Darwinist shrinks and
Case managers are still
Blaming their clients illness on
Genetic Inferiority,
You know what they say about
Old habits…
I had a shrink tell me
Something of this nature
A while back,
That my genetic makeup
I still think about that
Guy every
Now and then,
I picture him now
Hunkered away
With piles of money and
Too chickenshit to
Leave his house.
Brings a smile
To my face
What good is
All that money when
You can’t enjoy it…

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