Raw and Unfiltered

This blog is titled “Schizophrenia Unfiltered” because the information provided within is raw and unfiltered by the medical, government and community establishment. It is one man’s view of his illness, and provides insight into the delusional mind in ways that are different from other sources. Much of the information about schizophrenia is biased from the viewpoint of the providers who deal with the mentally ill, but do not show the inner turmoil and day to day life circumstances and thoughts that we go through as sufferers and survivors. The news and media tend to focus on the negative aspects of the mentally ill, and often depict us as violent and parasitic in nature. They do not show the lives of the mentally ill in a realistic and non-biased way that pertain to the everyday issues we have to deal with. They do not cover the problems we have with insurance companies, housing, food and meeting our basic needs. Instead they feed into sensationalism. This blog in one way is a channel to directly get information from people and sufferers to the general public, raw and unfiltered.