The Mental Health Welfare Blues

When I was dying just a bit
From Apnea
And hallucinating just a tad
From psychosis

I took a stroll down
Central Parkway
To the Social Security office
Where a sign stood

Hovering over the Peons
Where it was written
The Enigmatic truth:
“We Don’t Give a Fuck

About You”
In lettering so small
That it could not be seen
With the naked eye

Blindly I walked in
Ready for that Five-Star-Service
All the so called welfare leeches
Have been raving about

And spoke with a gentlemen
Who referred me to a secondary
Service entitled
“Fuck Off Inc”

Where they ran a few tests on
Me and handed me a
Diagnosis of “Lazyness”
That saved them a bundle

I then hit the cold hard streets
With my fresh new diagnosis
And their problem was solved “cheaply”
Letting me rot

Until I was resurrected
By a kindly Doctor
Several years later
That cured me of my laziness

And gave me a chance
To write this poem
And leave Job and Family Services
One final farewell
“Fuck You”