A Memorable Performance

I walked up on stage
To share my poetry for “Open Mic Night”
At a bar located in Downtown Cincinnati
In order to give them the freak show
That I thought they might want

I got up to the mic
In a nervous manner and
Looked down upon my drunken audience while
Speaking these words from my poem
“Escape to Insanity”
In a jittery manner:

“They say I am mad
That I am evil
And creepy
That my genes are corrupted
And my brain is deformed
That my actions are freaky
That my behavior is not the norm
They then ask me the question
“Sir why are you this way?”
I tell them as such:

“A genetic predisposition
An environment unsound
The reasons for madness
Don’t matter to me
For I believe
In the world
Of impossibility”

Wacko Schizo
Psycho and nuts
Call me whatever
I don’t mind
For I can escape
To a strange world
And leave you behind.

I’ve seen places from hell
with fires and flames
Of torture and madness
It’s name is taboo
Psychosis, psychosis
Does it scare you?

Madness, Madness
A self destruct button
That I pressed
Years ago
To blast off on a mission
To a planet
Where the aliens are free
To play with
My memories

Here things are different
Many say they are strange
Here it’s the “normals”
That are deranged
If you want to be different
If you want to be free
From logic and reason
Then come and meet me
On this strange planet called

After I finished I looked at the audience and received
No applause
Just silence and
I stepped off the stage thinking
That my poetry was best not delivered
On a Tuesday night to a drunk audience

I seated myself at the bar stool and ordered
A beverage and burger relieved that the
Whole ordeal was over with when
The next guy took the stage for his comedy routine

He got up and started his act
Telling the audience that the
“Son of Sam” just gave a poetry reading
And I just stood there kind of mesmerized at
The whole scene as he disemboweled
Me before the audience over the next several minutes

I guess I should have just laughed with the audience
As he went on telling jokes about
Serial killers, the Unabomber and Homeless Bums
But there was a part of me that started to get angry
So I started laughing and clapping
At all the wrong times
And told the comedian that
Death was preferable to his torturous act

My verbal blows went on for some time
And eventually the comedian
Left the stage in an upset and defeated manner

The audience was so awestruck and upset
That I decided to quickly take my leave
In an abrupt and discreet manner

I eventually got home in one piece
Without bruises and
A new “adventure notch”
On my belt that left the audience
With a show they will never forget

*This happened several years ago at a pub on Main Street.

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