The Questions That Drive Us Mad

“Are they watching me?”
“Am I being followed?”
“Who is spying on me?”
“What is inserting thoughts inside my brain?””

“Is my memory being erased somehow?”
“Are cameras recording me?”
“Why is the world after me
Has it gone insane?”

“Why is that man staring at me?
Is he an alien spy?”
“Why is that woman glaring at me
Is she with the FBI?”

“Why are my thoughts being erased?”
“Why are my ideas being read?”
“Are aliens tracking me
Through a microchip in my head?”

“Why are they against me?”
“What is their secret plot?”
“Why don’t they stop following me?”
“What are these voices inside my head?”

These questions lie hidden
Within each and every brain
For a select few
It will drive them insane

If these are the questions
That you ask everyday
Then best call your doctor
To stay healthy and sane