The Mental Health Welfare Blues

When I was dying just a bit
From Apnea
And hallucinating just a tad
From psychosis

I took a stroll down
Central Parkway
To the Social Security office
Where a sign stood

Hovering over the Peons
Where it was written
The Enigmatic truth:
“We Don’t Give a Fuck

About You”
In lettering so small
That it could not be seen
With the naked eye

Blindly I walked in
Ready for that Five-Star-Service
All the so called welfare leeches
Have been raving about

And spoke with a gentlemen
Who referred me to a secondary
Service entitled
“Fuck Off Inc”

Where they ran a few tests on
Me and handed me a
Diagnosis of “Lazyness”
That saved them a bundle

I then hit the cold hard streets
With my fresh new diagnosis
And their problem was solved “cheaply”
Letting me rot

Until I was resurrected
By a kindly Doctor
Several years later
That cured me of my laziness

And gave me a chance
To write this poem
And leave Job and Family Services
One final farewell
“Fuck You”

This particular poem is about my experience with Job and Family Services and a work evaluation I had with them. Despite my terrible health they concluded that my problem was a lack of motivation and wouldn’t help me out. The documents below show what I’ve lived off of over the course of my life, and is an example of how impoverished and forgotten many of the mentally ill are.