The Schizophrenic Writer

I am Dan Hoeweler, a paranoid delusional author whose works have recently appeared in several street newspapers, literary journals and horror magazines.  I am mostly published in alternative presses and my writing is concerned with the issues of insanity, morality and the psychotic experience.

Psychotic disorders have been an enigma throughout the ages.  Through my poetry and writings I will take you into the workings of the psychotic mind, and you will learn what it is like to truly be considered “insane”.

Within my mind lies horrors beyond the understanding of man. Within its depths one can find a world of spies, C.I.A. agents and thought control devices. This is a world that few travel to and it is here that one can face demons from beyond. If there is a hell then surely it lies within the inner depths of the psychotic, who roams our world in a terrifying alternate state of consciousness.

I have tried to capture the inner workings of the psychotic mind through my memoir, poetry and writings, which are painted within a paranoid delusional landscape. Within these stories one can meet an endless array of persecutory monsters that haunted my mind, and still continue to haunt the minds of millions.


My poetry is now featured in it’s entirety here: 20 Poems About Schizophrenia

My memoir is featured in it’s entirety here: Reverend Paranoia

My poetry book “Escape from Reality: A Collection of Schizophrenia Poetry” can be bought through this link: Buy the Book Escape from Reality

A poem about stigma and psychosis:

Blast Off To Insanity
By Dan Hoeweler

They say I am mad
That I am evil
And creepy
That my genes are corrupted
And my brain is deformed
That my actions are freaky
That my behavior is not the norm
They then ask me the question
“Sir why are you this way?”
I tell them as such:

“A genetic predispisation
An environment unsound
The reasons for madness
Don’t matter to me
For I believe
In the world
Of impossibility”

Wacko Schizo
Psycho and nuts
Call me whatever
I don’t mind
For I can escape
To a strange world
And leave you behind.

I’ve seen places from hell
with fires and flames
Of torture and madness
It’s name is taboo
Psychosis, psychosis
Does it scare you?

Madness, Madness
A self destruct button
That I pressed
Years ago
To blast off on a mission
To a planet
Where the aliens are free
To play with
My memories

Here things are different
Many say they are strange
Here it’s the “normals”
That are deranged
If you want to be different
If you want to be free
From logic and reason
Then come and meet me
On this strange planet called

-A new poem about my first encounter with disability services.

The Mental Health Welfare Blues

When I was dying just a bit
From Apnea
And hallucinating just a tad
From psychosis

I took a stroll down
Central Parkway
To the Social Security office
Where a sign stood

Hovering over the Plebes
Where it was written
The Enigmatic truth:
“We Don’t Give a Fuck

About You”
In lettering so small
That it could not be seen
With the naked eye

Blindly I walked in
Ready for that Five-Star-Service
All the so called welfare leeches
Have been raving about

And spoke with a gentlemen
Who referred me to a secondary
Service entitled
“Fuck Off Inc”

Where they ran a few tests on
Me and handed me a
Diagnosis of “Lazyness”
That saved them a bundle

I then hit the cold hard streets
With my fresh new diagnosis
And their problem was solved “cheaply”
Letting me rot

Until I was resurrected
By a kindly Doctor
Several years later
That cured me of my laziness

And gave me a chance
To write this poem
And leave Job and Family Services
One final farewell
“Fuck You”


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