I am Dan Hoeweler, a paranoid delusional author whose works have recently appeared in several street newspapers, literary journals and horror magazines.  I am mostly published in alternative presses and my writing is concerned with the issues of insanity, morality and the psychotic experience.

Psychotic disorders have been an enigma throughout the ages.  Through my poetry and writings I will take you into the workings of the psychotic mind, and you will learn what it is like to truly be considered “insane”.

Within my mind lies horrors beyond the understanding of man. Within its depths one can find a world of spies, C.I.A. agents and thought control devices. This is a world that few travel to and it is here that one can face demons from beyond. If there is a hell then surely it lies within the inner depths of the psychotic, who roams our world in a terrifying alternate state of consciousness.

I have tried to capture the inner workings of the psychotic mind through my memoir, poetry and writings, which are painted within a paranoid delusional landscape. Within these stories one can meet an endless array of persecutory monsters that haunted my mind, and still continue to haunt the minds of millions.


My poetry is now featured in it’s entirety here: 20 Poems About Schizophrenia

My memoir is featured in it’s entirety here: Reverend Paranoia

New poem about the stigma that we face:

The Psychotic Madman Next Door
By Dan Hoeweler

Welcome to the horror show
Come step up you freaks
And watch the psycho rant and rave
About crazy things in his crazy world
Watch, see, listen then
For your life

Is this psychotic lunatic freaking you out?
Perhaps you should call the police
And report the lunacy that you hear:
“A madman is on the loose
Writing poems
I am scared Officer.”

Probate me
Lock me up
People like me
Don’t deserve our freedom

Slash my tires
Rob my house
Vandalize my car
Then call me dangerous

What would you do
If we were neighbors?
Would you fear for your life?
Would I be the boogeyman next door?
Would you fear for your kin?

The media has brainwashed you
Into fearing me
So be scared
Be very, very afraid
While I do nothing
and more nothing

Torture yourself
Stay up at nights and
Keep the lights on
While I do nothing
And more nothing

Fear for your family
Fear for your wife
Fear for your safety
Fear for your life
While I do
Absolutely nothing

Video excerpt from my memoir:

Schizophrenic Memoir Video